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About Trek Athletics

Located at 66th and North Cotner in Lincoln, NE, Trek Athletics is Lincoln's Elite baseball and performance training facility. Trek Athletics is Lincoln's premier baseball training facility. We offer training in all aspects of the game including hitting, pitching, catching, fielding and mental. Along with baseball training Trek Athletics offers lifting programs, arm-care programs and Speed, Agility & Condition performance training.

Trek Athletics is operated in partnership with Midwest Smash Baseball.

  • 4 75-foot hitting bays & Infield
  • Hack Attack Machines
  • Dedictated pitcher training space
  • Personal Trainers & Nutritionists
  • Full Weight Room with Sleds, Jump Boxes & a Med-Ball wall
  • Athletes & Coaches dedictated to High Performance


We offer a variety of services all built around building better athletes and individually customized. Trek Athletics is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of players of all ages and abilities. Team up with one of our instructors to get the most out of your training!

Pitching Lessons

Pitching lessons includes an athlete assessment and a customized plan to achieve the most efficient body movements in order to establish a repeatable delivery and harness command of the zone.

Hitting Lessons

The instructor will dissect the swing and create a plan to establish functional and efficient movements to achieve maximum bat speed, bat control, and how to create a consistent game plan to carry into every at-bat

Fielding Lessons

The instructor will work on setup, approach, athletic movements, and all aspects of the hands, transfers, footwork, throwing, and receiving.

Facility Rental

Trek Athletics has you covered, whether you need a single hitting tunnel or space for a complete indoor practice. Trek provides space ranging from one tunnel to the entire facility.

Softball Lessons

Softball lessons feature individual one-on-one work with a professional instructor. Work on pitching, hitting, catching, or fielding.

Virtual Hitting Instruction

Elite level guidance and feedback that is scientific based yet easy to understand. The class is conducted by multiple former Division 1 and professional hitting coaches.

Strength and Conditioning Training

Trek Athletics educates athletes on the correct ways to attain their specific goals. Our philosophy revolves around responsible ways to improve athletic performance and personal wellness through exercise, nutrition, and proper recovery methods.

College Showcases

Our Showcases are an amazing way to gain exposure. Perform infront of colleges of all levels and get noticed.

Camps and Clinics

Trek Athletics offers a variety of camps and clinics throughout the year. Check back regularly or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest camps or clinics schedule.

Fitness Bootcamps

Each class combines a variety of tried and true methods such as high volume, high intensity, pre-exhaustion, interval training and split methods to name a few!